Your Personal Assistant in Spain

If you are preparing to have a baby or you are pregnant and want to have a baby in Spain, you will need to choose clinic, make a medical insurance and meet your doctor. This package will be a great help for you!


Payment terms:

Valued time: 5 months
Price: 1800 euros

We also can offer below term of payments:
420 euros / every 3 month
830 euros / every 6 month
1600 euros / 1year (single time payment)


- Virtual secretary 7 days per week. Emergency call any time

- Visa support: invitation

- Request and actualization of NIE (Identification number of Foreigner)

- Registration of medical insurance 1year before the planning pregnancy

- Information about public and private clinics, hospitals

- Help to make appointment with the doctor, hairdresser, massage therapist, cosmetologist

- 10 accompaniment to the doctor

- Every extra accompaniment to the doctor 3hours/60euros

- Supplying information about the shops for pregnant and new born

- Information service: address and telephone numbers of clinics, hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies

- Help during first 3 month after baby delivery

- Personnel selection: nanny, nurse, maid, driver

- Registration of new born in Spain