Your Personal Assistant in Spain

This package will be perfect for a person who bought a “summer” house in Spain and doesn’t have a possibility to take care of it during whole year.

pack5Payment and terms:

Valid time: 1 year

Price: 1.500 euros

We also can offer below term of payments:

395 euros / every 3 month

770 euros / every 6 month

1500 euros / 1year (single time payment)


- Virtual secretary from 10.00 to 14.00, from Monday to Friday

- Opening and maintenance bank account, fax service

- Help with paperwork: notarial and legal consultation

- Visa support: invitation, Nota Simple

- Information service: address and telephone number of embassies, consulates, clinics, hospitals, schools, pharmacy and any organizations in any country of the world.

- Life insurance, Property insurance, Medicine insurance, Car insurance.

- Request and actualization of NIE (identification number of Foreigner)

- Help to make appointment with the doctor, hairdresser, massage therapist, cosmetologist

- Payments of accounts: community facilities (gas, water, electricity), fix telephone, internet

- Service call:

Internet installation, mobile and fix telephone installation, alarm system installation and maintenance, inspector, plumber, electrician, cable guy, IT guy